APIs and SDKs

Welcome to Inbenta’s API and SDK information hub.

This portal provides all the information you need to use Inbenta products.


The Sidebar menu to the left gives you access to the various section of this site. The first three sections are relevant to all Inbenta products:

  • General
    • Rate limits contains information on the number of requests that can be made in a given timeframe.
    • Errors contains the list of all the error codes that the system can return, and their meaning.
  • Authorization
    • API Authorization describes how to use the API key that allows you to use the service and how to obtain and refresh your tokens.
    • User Authorization describes the OAuth integration method and how to use User Personal Secret tokens.
  • API Resources
    • Security presents and explains the different integration processes that Inbenta supports and the different security implications of each solution.
    • Tracking contains information about what kind of event can be tracked, and how.
    • Reporting API describes how to retrieve the data that you track from the previous section.
  • Dedicated Product documentation for Inbenta's range of apps, that allows you to:
    • visualize and use our tools’ API resources (Product API
    • easily create user interfaces (UIs) in a faster, more efficient way (Javascript SDK).
    • Additional information (e.g. Language detection)

At Inbenta, we are always improving our products and we strive to provide the best service and user experience. If you cannot find what you are looking for or if you want to send us a suggestion, feel free to contact us.