API Change Log


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Released 2023.10.17

  • We migrated the NL Interpreter API to PHP8.

Released 2022.05.03

  • New feature: We added a new endpoint to the NL Interpreter API. The endpoint URL is GET /v1/words?lexical_unit_id=<id>. It can be used to retrieve all the words assigned to a specific lexical unit.

  • Fixed: The NL Interpreter API was not processing some special characters in its parameters. This is now fixed.

  • The NL Interpreter API now allows developers to configure the semantic contraction of lexical units through a parameter called contraction_level. This means that they can use the parameter to have the API contract texts like "I want to stop my subscription" to "Cancel subscription", and decide to keep both the original and the contracted version, or only the contracted version.

  • We added the lexical_unit_id property for each lexical_unit returned by the /interpretations endpoint.

Released 2022.04.20

  • The Automatic Spell Correction can now be disabled by setting the query parameter spell_correction to false. If set, the query is processed applying only the Manual Spell Correction.

  • The GET /v1/interpretations endpoint now returns the identified word and the lexical unit semantic weight for each interpreted lexical unit within the response keys identified_word and semantic_category_weight respectively.

Version 1.0.0 (2022.04.05)

  • Initial release