API Routes

All API accesses are done over HTTPS.

Authentication process

Authentication is done via HTTP headers. For more information, see the Authorization section.

Request Format

Send the request parameters through the request body:

  • with a JSON string using a POST method, or
  • through query string using a GET method.

Response Format

The response format for all requests is a JSON object. The HTTP status code shows if a request succeeds or not. A 2xx status code means success. Any other code means a failure occurred.


When a request fails, the response body is still in JSON.

Important note on Query Splitting

When the Knowledge API receives a query in the /search endpoint, it may or may not split this query, depending on the configuration of the splitQuery parameter. Note that queries longer than 255 characters are always split, even when the splitQuery parameter is set to false.

The splitting algorithm works as follows:

  • Split the query by defined splitQuery parameters (By default, punctuation symbols).
  • If any of the chunks is still longer than 255 characters, the chunk is split at the space that is the closest to the strict middle of the string.