Search Overview

The time for simple keywords is long gone. Users today expect their searches to be conducted in their language. Inbenta Search’s powerful Natural Language processing leverages all the semantic technology developed by Inbenta over the last ten years to fully interpret what your visitors are looking for and take them where they want to be. Seamlessly.

Table of Contents

  1. API
  2. JavaScript SDK
    • SDK Setup - Getting started with the Inbenta Search SDK: set up, build a UI, introduction to adapters.
    • SDK Configuration - SDK configuration parameters and methods.
    • SDK Builder - SDK Build template and options.
    • SDK Components - Components are optional features that allow you to customize your Search experience.
    • SDK Search Store - A module that the Search SDK generates to coordinate the different searches along all components.
    • SDK JS-Client - Introducing the JavaScript JS-Client for Inbenta Search.
      • Methods - In-depth look at the JS-Client configuration methods.
    • SDK Styles - Customizing the look and feel of Inbenta Search using CSS.
    • SDK Subresource Integrity - Checking and validating your SDK version.
    • SDK Change Log - Search SDK version log.

Make sure that you have all your credentials and necessary assets available before you start using the API or the SDK. If you need help, contact Inbenta Support.