SDK Customization


While the configuration of the build method offers several ways to customize the Chatbot SDK, it is also necessary to allow external custom features.

In order to offer a fully programmable Chatbot, Inbenta implemented several functionalities:

  • Actions have a direct impact in the Chatbot. As the name indicates, they perform different actions, such as "build an answer", "open the main window", etc.
  • Subscriptions subscribe callbacks to specific actions. Their purpose is to set the Chatbot behavior; subscriptions make custom code available for the Chatbot SDK when a particular action occurs, to call other actions or to modify the data that the action sends to the state.
  • Adapters are functions that are passed to the adapter's array in the build configuration. The adapter function receives one argument: the Chatbot instance, which contains all available actions, the middleware subscriptions and the API client.
  • Helpers provides tools for event binding and modifying the DOM elements of the chatbot SDK.
  • Custom HTML allows you to change the HMTL of several components to adapt their use and functionalities as required.

Click here to see a tutorial on how to build an adapter, along with a selection of fully functional examples that you can use and adapt to fit your specific needs.


All examples shown are set in a Production environment.