API Change log


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Released 2023.05.03

  • The working time configuration is now available to be used with HyperChat. If activated, an automatic message will be sent to users when an escalation happens outside the defined working hours. This setting can be activated in Messenger > Settings > HyperChat.

Released 2022.04.20

  • We developed a new /auth endpoint to allow Inbenta Platform existing users to log in to HyperChat.

Released 2021.06.01

  • The expiry time of the HyperChat user session token was extended from 2h to 5h.

Released 2021.05.04

  • From now on, the HyperChat API “trusted key” can only be provided in the request headers using the “x-hyper-key” header. Its usage in the query string is no longer allowed due to security reasons.

Released 2021.02.23

  • Fixed: Some of the HyperChat API endpoints were not validating correctly the API key. They were getting it from the query string instead of the headers.

Released 2020.05.27

  • Fixed: We implemented security improvements in several endpoints.

Released 2020.04.15

  • The surveys endpoint now returns if a survey is active or inactive.

Released 2019.06.26

  • We added the description of the “history” parameter to the POST /chats endpoint documentation in the Developers Portal.

Released 2018.11.21

  • Fixed: The PUT /settings endpoint had an erratic behavior when updating allowed media types. It now works as expected: setting the exact array that is passed.
  • Documentation: Added information about how the media file should be provided in the POST /media endpoint.

Released 2018.10.03

  • Added: New GET /surveys and GET /surveys/<survey_id> endpoints

Released 2018.09.05

  • General fixes: Improvements to the import messages process to ensure that messages in a wrong format do not create inconsistencies in the chat to ticket process.
  • Fixed: When the "view previous conversations" button is pressed, now all conversations are loaded (even the closed ones and the ones that are assigned to other agents).
  • Added: There is a new right called "CHAT_EDIT_USER_INFO". This allows you to allow or disallow agents modifying the user info in an ongoing chat. User info refers to the information appearing at the right of the chat box which is collapsible clicking on the arrow next to the user's email.
  • Fixed: Imported messages sent by agents are now displayed with the correct agent name and not as "Virtual Assistant"
  • Fixed: In some rare situations, the Chat Monitor displayed waiting chats that weren't really waiting (had no ongoing invitations).
  • Fixed: (hotfix) some chats and/or invitations were not appearing in the chat bar until the agents refreshed the page.