SDK Change log


An SRI check is available for this SDK. For more information, see the SDK Subresource Integrity page.


  • No changes

Version 1.90.1 (2024.06.26)

  • We've added streaming capabilities for the Chatbot SDK. Users can now use the 'streaming' property to enable/disable this feature.

Version 1.89.7 (2024.06.11)

  • We added a new class to the Chatbot SDK to identify the ‘minimize’ button of the header.

Version 1.89.6 (2024.05.02)

  • Fixed: When using the Chatbot SDK with the skin “Imperial Black“, the cursor was not displayed as forbidden when the user hovered over a disabled input field. This is now fixed.

Version 1.89.5 (2024.04.03)

  • Fixed: In some cases, the Chatbot SDK was not blocking the user input, when asking the user to select an option for a list variable that was configured with disabled user input. This is now fixed.

Version 1.89.4 (2024.03.19)

  • We fixed an issue which, in Safari browsers on iOS devices, sometimes resulted in fonts not being loaded correctly from the cache memory.
  • Hyperchat Adapter: There were some scenarios in which the HyperChat priority score was not working as expected, resulting in high-priority chats not being assigned as such. Now, all high-priority chats within a queue will be attended first.

Version 1.89.3 (2024.02.20)

  • In the default configuration, the SDK now allows the colspan and rowspan attributes in table cells created from the Intent Editor. This allows users to create cells spanning multiple columns or rows.

Version 1.89.2 (2023.12.12)

  • Hyperchat Adapter: We adapted the pdf transcription process to make it compatible with the CSP directives.
  • We added a new parameter called 'stream' to the displayChatbotMessage action. When this action is called with the parameter set to true, the Chatbot message will display a cursor at the end of the message, giving the impression that the message is being streamed in chunks of data. This option is only available when the message type is answer.
  • We added 2 new actions to the updateMessage action: UPDATE_CHATBOT_MESSAGE and END_STREAMED_MESSAGE. The first one allows developers to update a Chatbot message and the second one allows them to end a streamed message by removing the cursor at the end of the message.

Version 1.88.1 (2023.11.14)

  • We improved how the Chatbot’s side window is positioned when the size of the page that displays it changes.
  • Fix: The Chatbot SDK did not load correctly when it was integrated in pages using Angular 6. This is now fixed.

Version 1.85.0 (2023.10.03)

  • Improvement: The Chatbot SDK now features the new Inbenta logo and design.

Version 1.84.0 (2023.09.19)

  • Hyperchat adapter: When using Hyperchat, Safari browsers were connecting to a different server than the rest of the browsers. This is now fixed.

Version 1.83.0 (2023.08.22)

  • New feature: We added two new methods to the SDK. They are called startSurvey and submitSurvey. See the full list of JS Client methods for more details.
  • Fix: We fixed an issue in the onDisplayChatbotMesage subscription, where the side window would not appear after a new message with sideWindow data was created.

Version 1.82.1 (2023.07.25)

  • New feature: Developers can now configure the Chatbot SDK’s conversation window so that it can no longer be moved around across the screen. To this end, the conversationWindow object now includes a property called draggable. This property can be set to false. For more information, please refer to the documentation on SDK configuration.
  • Calling the resetSession action was not resulting in the removal of the conversation’s sessionId. This is now fixed.

Version 1.81.0 (2023.05.16)

  • New feature: When using variables with the data type "Date", the Chatbot tried to capture date values with the MM/DD/YYYY format, or, if that failed, the DD/MM/YYYY format. Since this behavior could lead to errors, we added the possibility to define the date format for your instance in Settings > General Settings under Conversation Settings > Regional Settings. Users can now choose between three formats: Auto (current behavior), MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY.

Version 1.80.3 (2023.05.03)

  • Added: It is possible to customize some modules of the Chatbot SDK, by adding your own HTML. The feature allows you to add your own HTML, but also internal SDK components, like header buttons, input, character counter, which means it does not comply with restrictive CSP. We added an HTML-only version, that allows users who want to comply with restrictive CSP to customize the HTML without using internal SDK components.
  • Added: We created the inbentaGetConfiguration action, which goes with the existing updateConfiguration action and is used to get updated configuration values.
  • Fixed: We updated the Chatbot SDK dependencies in order to solve known vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed: Enabling and disabling the input was not working as expected in the Chatbot SDK. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed: After opening a customConversationWindow and refreshing the page, the Chatbot SDK was not remembering if the window was opened and therefore it was never showing it. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed: The onDomReady subscription of the Chatbot SDK was being triggered before the DOM elements were loaded. This is now fixed.
  • Hyperchat Adapter:
    • Added: We added a new parameter in the HyperChat bot adapter configuration to allow modifying the default characters limit (256 characters) that apply to the customers' messages sent to live chat agents.

Version 1.79.0 (2023.03.21)

  • We added a translate parameter to the rating options. When using this parameter, the rating label and response parameters will be considered as translatable objects and labels within the SDK will be used.

Version 1.78.0 (2023.03.07)

  • Fixed: We updated the Open Sans font in our CDN to reduce its size and avoid loading issue in Firefox browsers.
  • Hyperchat adapter:
    • It is now possible to configure the HyperChat SDK to send a notification when a user loses connection to the HyperChat service.

Version 1.77.0 (2023.02.21)

  • The Chatbot SDK date picker did not comply with the style-src 'self' only CSP policy since it had inline styles. We updated the date picker and removed inline styles.

Version 1.76.0 (2023.02.07)

  • Added: We added new files to the Chatbot SDK which can be used if IE compatibility is not needed. These new files prevent issues when integrating the Chatbot SDK with Angular.

Version 1.75.1 (2023.01.10)

  • HyperChat adapter:
    • Fixed: We updated an internal method from the Hyperchat adapter to accept a promise instead of a concrete id.

Version 1.75.0 (2022.12.13)

  • Fixed: Upon opening the Chatbot SDK with the neutral skin, users with slow internet connections were seeing characters appear while the fonts used for the icons were downloaded. We fixed this issue by preloading the launcher.
  • Fixed: In the SDK, the Chatbot sidebubble contained the text “{}” when it was closed, causing issues with screen reading software. Now this has been fixed and the sidebubble does not contain any text when it is not open.
  • Added: The SDK now allows to change the inputCharacterCounterMax and inputCharacterCounter configurations when using the updateConfiguration action.

Version 1.74.4 (2022.11.15)

  • Fixed: Setting the skin configuration parameter to "false" in the Chatbot SDK was preventing the Chatbot from loading correctly. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed: The Chatbot SDK was not working properly in the Safari browser. This is now fixed.

Version 1.74.2 (2022.11.02)

  • Fixed: When using the createFromAccessToken authorization, the SDK showed an error upon calling the /refreshToken after 20 minutes of session inactivity. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed: After users closed and opened the Chatbot multiple times in a row, the welcome message was no longer shown. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed: The SDK was briefly allowing users to type when requesting a list variable value, even when the information request was configured to only allow user selection via click. This is now fixed and the input is disabled at all times whenever the Chatbot requests such variable values.

Version 1.74.0 (2022.10.18)

  • Fixed: When a sidebubble contained an embedded video, the video kept playing after the sidebubble was hidden. This is now fixed.
  • In some cases, attachments were opened in the HyperChat browser tab instead of in a new tab, causing the agent to lose the chat they were handling. Now, all files are opened in a new tab.

Version 1.73.2 (2022.10.05)

  • Updated HyperChat SDK to version 1.45.0

Version 1.73.1 (2022.10.04)

  • Fixed: Youtube video iFrames were not being shown when the SDK was not using ratings. This no longer occurs.
  • Fixed: The SDK’s Ocean Flow skin was not handling very long texts properly. This is now fixed.

Version 1.73.0 (2022.08.09)

  • Added: We now allow the alt HTML tag in the images displayed by the Chatbot.
  • Fixed: Sometimes, the Space Cowboy Chatbot skin caused the text of Chatbot messages to overlap with the timestamp displayed in the chat window. This no longer occurs.

Version 1.72.1 (2022.07.12)

  • Fixed: The SDK was storing the user’s rating comment when the rating appeared in the side window so that when the Chatbot showed the comment box again in the side window, the previously left comment continued to appear. This is now fixed and the stored comment is eliminated after it has been sent.

Version 1.72.0 (2022.06.14)

  • We added a parameter to the Chatbot's show survey adapter to set a waiting time before the survey closes when submitting an answer so the "thank you" message can be shown.
  • HyperChat Adapter:
    • Fixed: When the user/client closed the chat, the chat:closed event was duplicated. It is fixed now, so that it is only called once.

Version 1.71.1 (2022.05.31)

  • Fixed: We introduced some improvements to prevent ad blockers to interrupt some SDK features.
  • HyperChat Adapter:
    • Fixed: Survey "thank you" message was not displayed to end users because surveys were closed right after they were submitted. We added a waiting time so that the "thank you" message is shown before the survey is closed.

Version 1.70.1 (2022.05.03)

  • The Chatbot SDK was displaying the HTML tags of a Federated Chatbot answer. This is now fixed and it parses the HTML code as with any Chatbot Answer, instead of displaying the tags as text.

Version 1.70.0 (2022.04.20)

  • We improved the dropdown that is used to display multiple options. We modified its design and added a search box that is displayed when ten or more options are available. Update to the latest SDK in order to get this improvement.

Version 1.69.3 (2022.03.22)

  • Fixed: The Chatbot SDK was causing unexpected behavior when integrated with a website using Angular. This is now fixed.

Version 1.69.2 (2022.02.22)

  • Hyperchat Adapter:
    • Fixed: In rare occasions, the HyperChat SDK returned a "Forbidden Request" error when an agent joined a chat.

Version 1.69.1 (2022.02.08)

  • Added: You can now send ticket's extra parameters with the Create Ticket adapter.
  • We changed the HTML code in the Ratings section of the Chatbot SDK so that it is more compatible with text-to-speech technology.

Version 1.68.5 (2022.01.12)

  • Deprecated: We deprecated the forms configuration as it can be configured in the Chatbot module.
  • HyperChat Adapter:
    • Fixed: The HyperChat adapter (SDKHCAdapter) was trying to upload files to HyperChat, although the connection with an agent was not active. We fixed this issue and now uploads can only start when there is an active connection.
    • We updated some of the Dutch labels referring to the queue positioning.

Version 1.68.3 (2021.12.14)

  • We made some security updates.

Version 1.68.2 (2021.11.16)

  • Fixed: We updated a library that was using a deprecated function in Firefox.
  • Fixed: We fixed the height of the avatar in the Imperial Black and Teth Sunrise skins.
  • Added: There is a new SDK adapter called "Create ticket". It creates a ticket in an associated Messenger instance when there are no agents available. See more information here.
  • Added: In order to avoid the SDK’s empty message sent upon opening the Chatbot conversation launcher outpacing and beating the user’s attempt to set a variable upon the conversation start subscription, the SDK now includes parameters allowing for setting a variable prior to conversation start. See the SDK Configuration for more details.
  • For improved security, after the user sends a message in the Chatbot, the SDK will now display the message’s literal text in the Chatbot conversation including any possible HTML tags, rather than parsing the HTML as it used to.
  • Fixed: Some Chatbot SDK styles in IE 11 could alter the website CSS where the SDK is integrated. This is now fixed.

Version 1.67.0 (2021.11.02)

  • Added: The Chatbot SDK HTML sanitizer now allows the <u> underline tag by default.
  • Updated HyperChat SDK to version 1.41.0

Version 1.66.1 (2021.10.19)

  • Added: We added a new teth-sunrise skin to the Chatbot SDK. See the Skin section of the Chatbot SDK Configuration for further information.
  • Fixed: The SDK was allowing users to send ratings with empty comments. This is now fixed and users can only send comments with text.
  • We updated some spaces and font sizes in the Tatooine Sunset SDK skin.
  • We updated the HyperChat SDK to version 1.40.0
  • HyperChat Adapter: We added a new event hyperChatAdapterInfo to the HyperChat Adapter. It provides useful information to track in the integration. See the documentation for more information.

Version 1.65.1 (2021.10.05)

  • Added: You can now update the primary color in the space-cowboy skin using a CSS custom property. More information is available in Chatbot SDK Styles.
  • We removed the console warning that appeared when the SDK received an empty message, as this behavior has become more commonplace and does not necessarily indicate an error.

Version 1.65.0 (2021.09.21)

  • Added: It is now possible to update the primary color in the tatooine-sunset and imperial-black skins using a CSS custom property. More information can be found in the Chatbot SDK Styles.
  • Updated: Some tatooine sunset skin icons have been changed from image icons to font icons.
  • Updated: We updated the Chatbot SDK's "Powered by inbenta" logo and made it a clickable link that brings users to

Version 1.64.4 (2021.09.07)

  • The Chatbot SDK now properly displays attributes such as the Answer and Sidebubble that contain inline or wrap images.

Version 1.64.3 (2021.08.24)

  • The SDK was showing an info message in the browser console stating that VUE was running in development mode. This is now fixed and the message no longer appears.
  • HyperChat Adapter: A new event “hyperChatAdapterError” that contains information about some errors happening during a chat conversation will be triggered. This is to allow integrations to subscribe to this event and store this information in error reports. At the same time, the Adapter captures the real error and prevents the Javascript execution from stopping, this is why an event and not an exception is triggered.

Version 1.64.1 (2021.08.10)

  • The Chatbot SDK automatically disables any button within a system message once it has been clicked or another message has been sent or received. We added a property in the SystemMessageData object in displaySystemMessage action to be able to cancel that behavior and maintain the button enabled.
  • The HyperChat Adapter relied on a cookie to know if a chat is open. This provoked problems with integrations in browsers or Webviews not supporting cookies. Now, it will first check if the HyperChat SDK has loaded a chat, and then it will check the cookie. This should solve some cases where the escalation failed or messages were not reaching the agent in integrations such as Webviews.

Version 1.63.0 (2021.07.13)

  • We updated the default sanitizer options.

Version 1.62.2 (2021.06.15)

  • Fixed: There was a conflict between the Inbenta SDK and the ExtJS framework used on a customer’s site. This conflict has now been fixed.

Version 1.62.1 (2021.06.01)

  • Added: We added a new imperial-black skin to the Chatbot SDK. Use the skin parameter to change it in the configuration.
  • Updated HyperChat SDK to version 1.39.1.

Version 1.61.0 (2021.05.18)

  • Added: It is now possible to update the primary color in the ocean-flow skin using a CSS custom property. More information can be found in the Chatbot SDK Styles.
  • Fixed: HyperChat Adapter. Under some circumstances, chats were not escalating to agents and the escalation process was stopped after the user filled in the escalation form.

Version 1.60.0 (2021.04.20)

  • Updated HyperChat SDK to version 1.39.0.
  • HyperChat Adapter: A new configuration object “userMessageNotifications” was added. It can be used to play a sound when the end-user's browser tab is not focused and they receive a message. It accepts two properties: “active” (true/false) and “source” (the URL where the sound is stored).

Version 1.59.2 (2021.04.06)

  • Fixed: We fixed the height of short messages in the SDK when the timestamp is also shown to eliminate unnecessary white space.

Version 1.59.0 (2021.03.09)

  • Updated: We made a small visual improvement to the Tatooine Sunset and Space Cowboy SDK skins to better handle how multiple results are displayed.

Version 1.58.0 (2021.02.23)

  • Updated HyperChat SDK to version 1.37.0

Version 1.57.1 (2021.02.09)

  • Update: we have updated the version of JQuery used in the SDK to 3.5.1.
  • Updated HyperChat SDK to version 1.36.0

Version 1.56.2 (2021.01.26)

  • Fixed: Some Avatar cameras appeared distorted when combined with one of the SDK positions (Left or Top) within the Chatbot SDK. This is now fixed.
  • HyperChat Adapter: A system message now appears in the chat box if the SDK is integrated on a site that has an insecure connection (i.e. not HTTPS).
  • HyperChat Adapter: fixed a problem affecting integrations with “importBotHistory” configuration active. If users closed the browser tab before the chat was closed, in the next chat they opened, the history of the previous conversation with the agent was also imported.
  • Updated HyperChat SDK to version 1.35.0

Version 1.55.0 (2021.01.12)

  • HyperChat Adapter: A new configuration option is available in the HyperChat Adapter. It now allows you to change the SameSite value for the cookie.
  • Updated HyperChat SDK to version 1.34.0

Version 1.54.3 (2020.12.23)

  • Updated: We made a visual improvement to all of the SDK skins, so that the "Powered by Inbenta" logo does not appear cut off at the bottom of the screen.
  • HyperChat Adapter: The end-user typing activity was not sent by the Adapter to the HyperChat server. As a result, the message “User is writing...” did not appear in the agent’s Chat Bar when the user was sending a message. This is now fixed.

Version 1.54.0 (2020.12.09)

  • Added: We added a new tatooine-sunset skin to the Chatbot SDK. Use the skin parameter to change it in the configuration.

Version 1.53.1 (2020.11.25)

  • Fixed: The Chatbot SDK has stopped loading on version 1.53.0 on Internet Explorer 11. This is now fixed.

Version 1.53.0 (2020.11.25)

Important: This version of the SDK is not compatible with IE11. Fixed in 1.53.1

  • Added: We added a new survey adapter to show a survey in the chatbot when closing the conversation.

Version 1.52.0 (2020.10.14)

  • Added: We added a new neutral skin to the Chatbot SDK. Use the skin parameter to change it in the configuration.

Version 1.51.0 (2020.09.30)

  • Updated: We made minor adjustments to the new Ocean Flow SDK skin, namely in the <p> tag within the message and side window, and the button icons in the conversation and side window headers.
  • Fixed: A bug was found in the new Ocean Flow SDK skin, where it showed related contents incorrectly in the side window. This is now fixed.

Version 1.50.0 (2020.09.02)

  • HyperChat Adapter: After the user clicks the “Download” button to download the chat transcript, the button becomes deactivated and, if the download has been successful, the text will now change to “Conversation downloaded successfully”.
  • HyperChat Adapter: Added some missing label translations.

Version 1.49.0 (2020.08.05)

  • Added: We added a new skin to the Chatbot SDK. Use the skin parameter to change it in the configuration.
  • HyperChat Adapter: In an integration that directly escalates to a human agent (without asking any question to the user), opening multiple tabs at the same time or very quickly created more than one chat. This has been solved.
  • Updated HyperChat SDK to version 1.32.0

Version 1.48.0 (2020.07.22)

  • Fixed: A bug was found in the Chatbot SDK where, after closing the conversation window, it was scrolling the user back to the position it was when the Chatbot was opened. This is now fixed.
  • HyperChat Adapter: When a user switched from one Hyperchat integration to another in the same Adapter, the Hyperchat Bot SDK Adapter did not refresh with the new configuration. This is now fixed so that the Adapter is reset if the API Key changes when initializing the adapter.
  • Updated HyperChat SDK to version 1.31.0

Version 1.47.0 (2020.07.01)

  • HyperChat Adapter: Occasionally, the “waiting for an agent” message could appear twice after escalating to an agent. This is now fixed so that it only appears once.
  • HyperChat Adapter: Using the HyperChat Adapter, if the end-user refreshed the page after clicking on the conversation window's close button while the survey was being displayed, the survey was still shown. This is now fixed: clicking on the close button under these conditions resets the session, and the survey does not show again upon refresh.
  • HyperChat Adapter: We added a new parameter (keepConversationAfterSurvey) to the HyperChat Adapter to resett the chatbot session after the user submits the chat survey. For more information, see the HyperChat Adapter documentation
  • HyperChat Adapter: The “resetAdapter” function no longer shows the survey after the current chat has been closed in the reset process.

Version 1.46.0 (2020.06.10)

  • Updated HyperChat SDK to version 1.30.0

Version 1.45.0 (2020.05.27)

  • Updated HyperChat SDK to version 1.29.0

Version 1.44.0 (2020.05.13)

  • Added: We added a new parameter to the HTML Escalation Adapter. This parameter allows users to update the submit button label.
  • HyperChat Adapter: fixed an XSS vulnerability in the agent name.

Version 1.43.0 (2020.04.29)

  • Updated: We updated the way the SDK loads the icons font.
  • Fixed: A bug was found where the answer delay applied even on empty messages when delayOnMultipleAnswerswas set to true. We removed the delay on empty messages to avoid experiencing lots of empty wait time.

Version 1.42.1 (2020.04.15)

  • Fixed: A bug was found in the Chatbot SDK where, when setting a callback using setCallbackWhenInvalidAccessToken, the callback was called when the user sent a message but not when the access token was invalid upon the start conversation action.
  • Fixed: A bug was found where the Chatbot loader sometimes showed on top of the HyperChat survey when the parameter showLoader was true.

Version 1.42.0 (2020.04.01)

  • Added: Two new languages configuration: Macedonian and Serbian.
  • Fixed: The SDK was sometimes maintaining dropdowns and selectors active when they should not have been after the user made a selection. This is now fixed.

Version 1.41.0 (2020.03.18)

  • Added: Four new languages configuration: Bulgarian, Croatian, Icelandic and Lithuanian.
  • Fixed: A bug was found in the SDK that caused very short messages to visually overlap the time, when the time was shown within the messages. This is now fixed.
  • HyperChat Adapter: A bug was found where the "waiting for an agent" message sometimes did not appear in the end-user integration. This is now fixed.

Version 1.40.0 (2020.03.04)

  • Added: Four new languages configuration: Albanian, Bosnian, Latvian and Slovenian.
  • Added: A smooth scroll was added for mobile devices.
  • Added: New configuration parameter timezone to set the user timezone
  • HyperChat Adapter: Added new helper function "resetAdapter" that allows resetting the chat session correctly.
  • HyperChat Adapter: Improved the process of initializing the Hyperchat Adapter and checking if a chat is open.

Version 1.39.4 (2020.02.19)

  • Fixed: The icon property was not properly isolated in the Chatbot SDK CSS. Our design team made some changes in the CSS code in order to isolate that part of the code.

Version 1.39.3 (2020.02.05)

  • HyperChat Adapter: Until now, when a file was uploaded, the message containing the URL to show the file contained a "message" property for which the value was always "void". This was not useful to users at all. This is now fixed so that it returns the name of the file. This update does not affect any chat function nor the user interface.

Version 1.39.2 (2020.01.22)

  • Fixed: A bug was found in the onDisplayChatbotMessage subscription, which was being executed twice when the bot matched with a content with an empty answer.
  • Changed how the Chatbot is hidden to avoid conflicts.
  • HyperChat Adapter: added a new configuration "queue.showEstimatedWaitingTime" to display users the estimated waiting time until they are attended by an agent.
  • HyperChat Adapter: added a new configuration "queue.shortWaitMessageCutoffTime" to define the cut-off time from which the exact time or "short wait" will be displayed.
  • HyperChat Adapter: fixed several problems showing the position in the queue when a user was queued in the first position.
  • HyperChat Adapter: fixed a problem with the "apiKey" parameter and the session logs.
  • HyperChat Adapter: the "chats:close" event now provides a new field called "reason". This field tells why the chat was closed (e.g. by inactivity or because the user left the queue).

Version 1.39.1 (2020.01.08)

  • Fixed: A bug was found in the scroll with answers with multiple objects: Rather than showing as many of the multiple answers as possible within the conversation window, the Chatbot SDK was scrolling down to the beginning of the final message. This is now fixed.

Version 1.39.0 (2019.12.18)

  • The Chatbot SDK no longer applies the delay anymore when it receives empty messages. This was causing some problems with integrations with several js_callbacks.
  • HyperChat Adapter: In the transcript options, replacing one default label replaced all the other labels. This is no longer the case: you can now replace any label individually and it will work as expected.

Version 1.38.0 (2019.12.11)

  • Added: There is a new configuration parameter connectionEntryPoint,using the new connectionEntryPoint parameter, you can use the entry point that suits you better.
  • Added: We have added a new action type in the updateMessage action to update a system message using the message ID.
  • Fixed the following issues related to the scroll: Intializes with an error in the console related to the scroll to bottom; occasionally cuts off the ratings message, ratings comment box, and multi-line system messages such as "Do you want to chat with a live agent?" Yes/No; auto-scrolls to the top of the conversation after refreshing the page where it is integrated; and behaves improperly when the answer text contains an image.
  • Fixed: On responsive view, the Chatbot SDK now restores the current scroll of the website once the chatbot is closed.
  • Fixed: We have limited the number of times the Chatbot SDK can perform a reconnection in order to avoid endless reconnection efforts.
  • HyperChat Adapter: added a new configuration "singleQueuePositionMessage" (true/false) which allows showing a single message for the queue position updates or one message for every update.
  • HyperChat Adapter: fixed a problem related to the PDF transcript download and the agent's nickname.

Version 1.37.0 (2019.11.27)

  • HyperChat Adapter: Prevent showing a message with a greater position in the queue than the current one.
  • HyperChat Adapter: Prevent showing a queue update message after the chat has started
  • HyperChat Adapter: Messages are always strings, even if they only contain numbers

Version 1.36.3 (2019.11.13)

  • Updated the SDK labels to make sure that the "See more" button, which reopens the closed side window, appears in Portuguese when the SDK language is set to PT.
  • HyperChat Adapter: a system message will now be shown if no chat language is passed and the instance has languages configured.
  • HyperChat adapter: HyperChat integrations were not working on IE11 in Microsoft Edge, Safari nor iOS from Chatbot SDK version 1.34.1 (not included) onwards due to a non-supported function.

Version 1.36.2 (2019.11.04)

  • Fixed: Time sync between server and browser time regarding authorization expiration tokens.

Version 1.36.1 (2019.10.30)

  • Fixed: Scroll to the last Chatbot message was not working properly on the first message with scroll. This now fixed.
  • Fixed: A bug was found in the HyperChat adapter that prevented end-users from sending attachments to agents. This now fixed.

Version 1.36.0 (2019.10.16)

  • Added: There is a new configuration parameter to select the relatedPosition. It is possible to show the related contents in the side window only, in the conversation window only, or either (depending on whether the Chatbot answer has a conversation window or not).

Version 1.35.0 (2019.10.02)

  • Added: Language detection API Client method.
  • Added: New onCustomTrigger subscription. This subscription will be triggered when customTrigger action is called.

Version 1.34.1 (2019.09.18)

  • Updated HyperChat Adapter.

Version 1.34.0 (2019.09.18)

Important: In this version, the HyperChat Adapter has a known bug where it does not retrieve the user information correctly. Inbenta recommends that you use version 1.34.1 instead.

  • Added: New onDomReady subscription. This subscription will be triggered when the HTML DOM elements have been rendered for the first time.

Version 1.33.0 (2019.09.04)

  • Added: New showActivityOnDelay configuration. This feature allows you to show a "..." waiting symbol when the Chatbot takes longer than a certain amount of time to respond. The duration of this wait time is configurable within the parameter.

Version 1.32.0 (2019.08.21)

  • Added: New labels in several languages
  • Added: We made some internal changes to optimize the recovery of timestamps. This does not affect the behaviour of the bot.

Version 1.31.0 (2019.08.07)

Version 1.30.0 (2019.07.24)

  • Added: setExternalInfo action and subscription.
  • Added: escalationStart action and subscription.
  • Added: Chatbot configuration is now available in the Chatbot instance.
  • Added: Answers with empty messageList are not filtered before the onDisplayChatbotMessage subscription, js_callback is executed if there is an empty answer.
  • Fixed: Multiple API authorization attempts after authentication has been rejected.
  • Fixed: A bug was found with the delayOnMultipleAnswers parameter that caused multiple-object answers to appear out of order when followed by dialog nodes. This is now fixed.

Version 1.29.0 (2019.07.10)

  • Added: New API Client method addMultipleVariables to set multiple variables in a single request.
  • Added: New API Client method resetVariables to reset multiple variables to their default value in a single request.
  • Fixed: Any API error could trigger SetCallbackWhenInvalidAccessToken. This is now fixed so that it only happens with auth-related errors.

Version 1.28.0 (2019.06.26)

  • Added: New targetContainer configuration, which allows to append the chatbot SDK into a specific html element.
  • Fixed: Removed the "!important" elements from the Chatbot SDK CSS to make it easier to customize the styles.
  • Fixed: A bug was found on some browsers where zooming in resulted in an incorrect position for the side-window. This is now fixed.

Version 1.27.0 (2019.05.29)

  • Added: New subscription onStartConversation
  • Fixed: When the ratingPosition was set to sideWindow, the ratings were always displayed ignoring the rate flag. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed: The nl-escalation-adapter was enabling chatbot input after selecting any systemMessage option. This is now fixed.

Version 1.26.0 (2019.05.15)

  • Added: New configuration for avatar videosWithSound that enables sound on avatar videos.
  • Added: Tracking revisitable_action_field when user chooses a new option on an actionField.
  • Added: New tracking of sdk_selected_version and sdk_used_version in User information. For more information, see SDK Setup
  • SetChatbotIcon action now accepts base64 images format.
  • Added: New responsive animation when the sideWindow fades in and out.

Version 1.25.0 (2019.05.07)

  • Updated HyperChat Adapter.

Version 1.24.1 (2019.04.17)

  • Updated HyperChat Adapter.

Version 1.24.0 (2019.04.03)

  • Added: Source configuration.
  • Added: A new label to customize the related content title. If no label is set in the configuration, the Chabot shows the default title provided by the API.
  • Added: SessionId parameter in the getSessionData action

Version 1.23.0 (2019.03.20)

  • Added: The new helpers feature makes it easier to customize the Chatbot user interface. It detects the Chatbot DOM elements, sets bindings to those elements, and allows developers to add the Chatbot SDK actions to these custom features.
  • Added: Estonian was added to the list of supported languages.

Version 1.22.0 (2019.03.06)

  • Added: New DisplayChatbotMessage type of answer: customAnswer.
  • Fixed: The Chatbot did not respond when messageList was set to an incorrect type, as there was no failsafe behavior defined. This caused confusion for clients as it looked like the bot was correctly set but not working. This is now fixed and an error message now appears if the settings are not correct.
  • Fixed: A bug that was causing android keyboards to be displayed after every chatbotMessage.
  • Fixed: A bug was found when, after closing the bot, the subscription to "onHideConversationWindow" was not triggered. This is now fixed.

Version 1.21.1 (2019.02.21)

  • Fixed: A bug that was causing a crash on IE11.

Version 1.21.0 (2019.02.20)

Important: This version of the SDK is not compatible with IE11. Fixed in 1.21.1

  • Fixed: A bug was found where, after disabling the input with the disableInput action, and clicking on the closeButton, input was enabled upon returning to the chat window. This is now fixed and input remains disabled after closing the chat window.
  • Fixed: A bug was found where, after disabling the input using the disableInput action and refreshing the page, input was enabled upon returning to the chat window. This is now fixed and input remains disabled after refreshing the page.
  • Added: there is a new parameter in the nl-escalation-adapter called hideEscalateIntentMessage. When it is set to false, it shows the answer text or message of the escalation intent before the escalation system message. This means that if the content that triggers escalation has an answer text, you can now configure the answer text to be shown before the bot asks if the user wishes to chat with a live agent. By default this parameter is true to maintain backwards compatibility.
  • Added: New Custom HTML sections conversation-window-footer and side-window-header. It is now possible to customize the header and footer sections of the side window inside the conversation window.
  • Added: There is a new configuration parameter to select the ratingsPosition. It is possible to show the ratings in the side window only, in the conversation window only, or either (depending on whether the Chatbot answer has a conversation window or not).

Version 1.20.2 (2019.02.07)

  • Fixed: Show message when the user will not be able to connect due to some missing required browser configurations.

Version 1.20.1 (2019.02.06)

  • Fixed: DisplayChatbotMessage action in the NoAgentsAvailable configuration parameter of the internal nl-escalation-adapter was not being correctly displayed.
  • Fixed: DisplayType dropdown from displayChatbotMessage action without the fieldType parameter were no longer working after 1.19.0 SDK release. Default value now is list.

Version 1.20.0 (2019.01.23)

  • Added: New configuration delayOnMultipleAnswers to add delay on multiple message answers. By default this configuration is set to false.
  • Added: New configuration relatedContentsExpand to automatically display the related contents modules expanded. By default this configuration is set to false.
  • Fixed: Internal NL Escalation adapter input blocked if noAgentsAvailable.
  • Fixed: When refreshing the page with an opened side window, the position of the window was not correctly displayed. When refreshing the page, the side window is now rendered next to the conversation window.

Version 1.19.1 (2019.01.09)

  • Fixed: In the HyperChat Adapter when the agent had a nickname set on the CM App, it was not correctly displayed in the integration. It should now be displayed under all circumstances.

Version 1.19.0 (2018.12.19)

  • Added: New type of chatbot message which displays a calendar DisplayChatbotMessage
  • Added: New configuration showLoader, which will display a loader until the initial API requests are fulfilled. Useful for Chatbots which tend to take a while to load. By default this configuration is set to false.
  • Fixed: When sending two comments on ratings in the sideWindow, the second comment input box was retaining the text from the first comment.

Version 1.18.0 (2018.12.12)

  • Added: New subscription onDisplayRating
  • Added: New configuration autoDisplaySideWindow
  • Added: New customClass configuration on ratingOptions
  • Fixed: Chatbot with avatar configuration in responsive will now be minimised immediately.
  • buildWithDomainCredentials will now skip the getApis request, getting the information from the Auth request and will avoid performing refreshToken requests.

Version 1.17.0 (2018.11.21)

  • Added: New subscription onShowSideWindow
  • Added: New subscription onCloseSideWindow
  • Added: variables/options method in the API Client.
  • Added: Variable name on the systemMessage after changing the value of a variable using fieldOptions chatbot message.
  • Fixed: Multiple clicks on launcher caused several auth request. This is no longer the case.
  • Fixed: Down scroll caused by toggling related contents now only happens when it is on the last message.

Version 1.16.0 (2018.11.07)

  • New: Configuration tracking userInfo, which is used to track the user info in the conversation/ endpoint see doc
  • GetApis response is now cached for 24 hours
  • Added: New action rateContent which will perform the tracking of a content.
  • Added: New subscription onRateContent.
  • Added: New contact tracking methods on the natural language escalation adapter.

Version 1.15.0 (2018.10.17)

Version 1.14.3 (2018.10.03)

  • Fixed: Escalation systemMessage stopped working after page refresh.
  • Fixed: Missing labels in several languages.
  • Added: custom parameter in SystemMessage action.

Version 1.14.2 (2018.09.19)

  • Fixed: An error on HyperChat internal adapter.

Version 1.14.1 (2018.09.19)

  • Updated HyperChat internal adapter.

Version 1.14.0 (2018.09.19)

  • Added: The Chatbot SDK now generates messages from the messageList API attribute instead of the message attribute. This allows the bot to display multiple messages when the answerAttribute has multiple objects.
  • Added: New response configuration in the ratingOptions configuration. This shows after the user clicks on a rating.
  • Fixed: The SendMessage action now accepts a messageData with only directCall parameter.

Version 1.13.2 (2018.09.05)

  • Fixed: An issue was found where the sideWindow kept showing the rating footer even when ratings were not activated. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed: An issue was found where the bot did not automatically scroll down when the “+more info” button appeared. This is now fixed.

Version 1.13.0 (2018.08.08)

  • Added: sessionUser method in the API Client.
  • Added: getVariables method in the API Client.
  • Added: relatedContents component is not disabled if there is a directCall attribute.
  • Added: Character counter
  • Fixed: HyperChat-only SDKs not saving state after refresh.
  • Fixed: SuggestAnswer text should be selected so the user can easily remove it.
  • Fixed: user message label in IE11.
  • Fixed: Reopening chat window doesn't take user to the bottom of the chat.
  • Fixed: Sanitize of the userMessage to avoid security issues
  • Fixed: Avatar default position corrected size
  • Fixed: displayChatbotMessage subscription now correctly modifies sideWindow parameters

Version 1.12.0 (2018.07.25)

  • Added: New avatar position configuration, on top, intended for the smaller avatar videos.
  • Added: DirectCalls, new parameter in the sendMessage, which asks the API for a content using a dynamic setting. More info
  • Added: 3 new languages configuration, Slovak, Tagalog and Vietnamese.
  • Fixed: Avatar now plays the exit video before closing the conversationWindow
  • Fixed: Ratings with comment will perform the rating up on click, and update after the comment submit.
  • Fixed: Design problem with userMessages and IE11.

Version 1.11.1 (2018.07.11)

  • Fixed: Not showing ratings on the sideWindow in some cases.

Version 1.11.0 (2018.07.11)

  • Added: Obfuscate input when the Chatbot SDK receives the 'obfuscate' flag.
  • Added: Remove ratings when the Chatbot SDK receives the 'no-ratings' flag.
  • Added: New action suggestAnswer, which will display in the input the given message. More info
  • Added: SuggestAnswer attribute in displayChatbotMessage action will trigger the suggestAnswer action.
  • Added: Both conversational-escalation, html-escalation-adapter and HyperChat adapters are now included in the SDK. More info
  • Fixed: Incompatibility issues with the require.js library
  • Fixed: Website scroll issue is broken after closing the bot in responsive view
  • Fixed: System message modal not filtering HTML.

Version 1.10.1 (2018.06.15)

  • Fixed: Internet Explorer 11 compatibility issue.

Version 1.10.0 (2018.06.13)

Important: Compatibility issue with Internet Explorer 11, fixed in 1.10.1

  • Added: New obfuscate attribute in displayChatbotMessage action. When set to true, it will obfuscate the following user input.
  • Added: New functionality on the onReady subscription. If returned a promise, the view of the Chatbot SDK will not be rendered until the promise is fulfilled. More info
  • Added: New action updateConfiguration, which will allow the update of some configurations after initiating the SDK. More info
  • Fixed: Warning when not setting an optional parameter in appData API Client method
  • Fixed: Conflict when using the API Client before performing the buildWithDomainCredentials() method
  • Fixed: close-conversation label not being translated

Version 1.9.0 (2018.05.16)

  • Added: New build method buildWithDomainCredentials, which delays the authorization until the user interacts with the chatbot. More info
  • Fixed: Improved caché in order to avoid repeated API request.
  • Fixed: Compatibility with IE11 with Japanese characters.

Version 1.8.2 (2018.05.02)

  • Fixed: extendedContentsAnswer type of answers is now allowed when neither url or side-bubble text is specified. Automatic click will be logged upon displaying content(s)
  • Fixed: Design problems with showDateTime and ratings/related
  • Fixed: Design problems with long texts in IE11
  • Fixed: Problems related to corners rounded in multiple answers title in IE11
  • Fixed: nl-escalation-adapter to display intentMatch when no agents
  • Fixed: html-escalation-form adapter to show the form inside the conversationWindow
  • Added documentation for the ShowSurvey adapter, which will display a given survey after closing the chatbot. More info

Version 1.8.1 (2018.04.18)

Version 1.8.0 (2018.04.04)

  • Added the following API Client methods:
    • Tracking events.
    • GetSurvey.
  • Added: New type of answer: extendedContentsAnswer in displayChatbotMessage action.
  • Fixed: Not setting correctly the session configuration after reconnecting.

Version 1.7.2 (2018.03.23)

  • Fixed: An error when the SDK is used in WebView app.

Version 1.7.1 (2018.03.21)

Version 1.7.0 (2018.03.7)

Version 1.6.2 (2018.02.21)

  • Fixed: Rating button icons.
  • Added: updated design in the Escalation HTML form

Version 1.6.1 (2018.02.07)

  • Fixed: IE11 compatibility.

Version 1.6.0 (2018.02.07)

  • Fixed: Avatar name configuration.
  • Fixed: Minor design upgrades.
  • Fixed: Chat messages lost after page refresh.
  • Fixed: showDate format.
  • Fixed: Disable Upload attachment when disabled input.
  • Fixed: avatar videos on safari.
  • Fixed: Avoid displaying empty answers.
  • Fixed: SideWindow Dom elements being destroyed on refresh.
  • Last last1by1Unfolded option is now configurable.
  • AppData added in the API Client.
  • API Client is now accessible in the adapters.
  • Images can now be used in the avatar.
  • Ratings can be shown on the conversationWindow.
  • Added several new languages.
  • Initial position of conversationWindow is now configurable.

Version 1.5.3 (2018-02-24)

  • Fixed authorization through bearer on refreshToken.
  • Previous versions deprecated due to infrastructure updates

Version 1.5.2 (2018.02.24)

  • Fixed avatar videos on safari 11.

Version 1.5.1 (2018.02.10)

  • Added input limit of 256 characters.
  • Fixed avatar videos on IE11.
  • Fixed babel, polyfill and lodash conflicts.

Version 1.5.0 (2017.12.27)

Version 1.4.3 (2017.12.13)

  • Fixed sideWindow automatic showing on responsive version

Version 1.4.2 (2017.12.13)

  • Minor fix related to design.
  • Fixed Internet Explorer compatibility.

Version 1.4.1 (2017.11.29)

  • Minor fix on addvariable method.

Version 1.4.0 (2017.11.29)

Version 1.3.0 (2017.11.16)

  • Korean and Japanese languages available.
  • Added related contents to the answer.

Version 1.2.0 (2017.11.16)

  • API direct-message translated after setting specific language on build configuration.

Version 1.1.0 (2017.11.10)

  • Added labels in several languages.
  • New createFromDomainKey authorization method.
  • Fixed character encoding problem.

Version 1.0.0 (2017.11.10)

  • Initial release