Tracking across languages

The JS Client languageDetection method calls the API endpoint /languageDetector. This endpoint in the API automatically tracks the user question and the language detected both in the atomics logs and the session logs.

  • If you decide to use another platform to detect the language of the user question, you can also track this information using the "language_detection" event in the /tracking/events endpoint.
  • If you decide to use the recommended option to redirect the user to the proper site, the registered search counts as an unanswered user question in the initial instance, unless the detection of an unexpected language prevents the search from happening.
  • If you decide to use the option to automatically redirect the user question to another instance, you can mark the user question as answered with an external content if applicable. To do it, follow the documentation to register external matchings. For more information about tracking clicks from multiple instances, see the API Tracking Guidelines.